千載難逢的揚升機會There is no doubt that matters on Earth are now coming to a head, and it should eventually lead to many of the changes that we have been telling you about for quite some time. By and large your faith has stayed strong, and now you will begin to see some positive action taken. There is after all a divine date that still stands as the final one beyond which we shall no longer tolerate delay. If need be we shall take direct action, but one way or another we will soon commence our plan for your final release from the dark Ones. The European crisis could yet see a number of countries default on the payment of their loans, and that has put other countries in the European Group at risk. It is also putting other countries outside of Europe at risk, so you have not seen anything yet compared to what the outcome is likely to be. If you continue to see these as exciting times, you will not be pulled into the panic that is likely to occur. It is obvious that whatever happens now no particular adverse situation will last for too long, as time speeds by and you are almost in the 建築設計magical year of 2012. See events as a means to an end, and it will be one that is totally satisfactory and bringing the welcome changes that will alter your lives forever. It has been a testing journey, and that was the object of it so that you could evolve out of conditions that were liable to pull you down. As we see it, you have done exceptionally well particularly since the turn of the century. It was expected because as time passed more Light was being beamed to Earth. It has been grounded through those of Light, who in many instances came to Earth especially for that purpose. It is not just the dark Ones who planned their goals well in advance, as we of the Light have done so for millennia of time. Our advantage has come from the backing and support from great sources of Light Beings, who have even been prepared to send an aspect of themselves to Earth. Perhaps even more important to the outcome, this cycle was always planned to ensure victory for the Light. The Galactic Federation is ready to act at very short notice, and in the meantime continues to closely monitor all 借貸activities on Earth. We have no hesitation in showing our superiority where technologies are concerned, and make it clear to the dark Ones that opposition to us is futile. Yet they stubbornly refuse to give in, knowing that any engagement with them requires us to obey the rules. We respect all life, whereas they have none at all even when it comes to fellow humans. Life to them is expendable, and they will use it to gain over anyone who gets in their way. We on the other hand will remove our "enemies" to safety rather than kill or wound them. You may therefore be assured that we removed all personnel prior to destroying underground military bases. Anyone who says otherwise is untruthly reporting events, and out to paint a false picture of us. Some of you will wonder why in view of what we have said about ourselves, why we do not save lives in any other circumstances such as catastrophes. That is an expected re-action and the answer is one we have given previously, and relates to a souls life plan. The souls that leave in such circumstances have desired to leave, and chosen a 票貼situation that fulfils their needs. Understand that there no such thing as an accidental death, and what you call natural deaths are also planned. If you think upon it, there would be little purpose in planning a life to expand your spiritual understanding, if you could accidentally be prevented from experiencing it in full. It is however true that because of your freewill, you can shorten your life expectancy. However, that would only be after you carefully considered the implications of it. There will be others amongst you who will pick up on lives shortened by suicide, and even these souls are given a last minute opportunity to change their minds. They are met by their Guides who are aware of their original life plan and shown the outcome, and how it would affect their family and friends. We can assure that because of it many souls are grateful to have had the chance to change their minds. Generally speaking in any one lifetime you do not undertake anymore than you can handle. In these end times there are however many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed 宿霧their life full of experiences. Of course when you rise up into the higher levels, you have a simple transition from one life to another without going through death. You do it through your own choosing, as you decide when it is your time to move on. You can literally step out of your old body into a new one as you desire. Along with the changes in your body cells that keep you young and healthy, you have none of the illnesses or disabling features experienced on Earth. Whatever you are called upon to do to achieve Ascension is obviously very worthwhile, as it might be a long time before it comes around again. It is up to you, and it is certainly not impossible to ascend from any one lifetime, but you would have to achieve it through your own endeavours. That is why your Ascension now is considered to unique, as it is on offer to every soul and endless help is being given to those who decide to take it. If you are one who is just awakening to who you really are and beginning to understand the purpose of life, be assured that you are already surrounded by loving souls who are eager to 巴里島help you. There is still time and once you set your sights on ascending, you are halfway there and you will find your consciousness levels rising. To be on the Earth and not of it, is very useful advice as it allows you to concentrate on the future and allow the old ways to pass you by. It is those who cannot release their hold onto earthly things that are struggling to break free, and as we often point out it is usually fear that is at the root of it. Come from fearing the changes to welcoming them, and see their necessity if the Human Race is to progress from the old cycle to the new one. However slow changes may take place where some of the massive cycles are concerned, everything is on the move even if it appears undetectable. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who are sending us your love and invitation to join you. We could not come without it, and we now know that the time is right for our open contact with you. We love you all. Thank you SaLuSa.Mike Quinsey. 毫無疑問,地球上發生的事情正走入頂點,這將最終帶來許多的轉變,而這些轉變我們跟你們說過很多次了。總的來說,你馬爾地夫們的信念依舊堅定,現在你們將開始看到一些積極的行動發生。畢竟還有【神聖日期】作為最後屏障,超過它我們將不再容忍任何延遲。如果必要的話我們將直接採取行動,不過不管怎麼樣我們將很快實現自己的計畫,把你們從黑暗勢力的手中解放。歐洲危機也能看到大量的國家在忙碌於對付債務問題,並且把歐盟的其他國家拖入到危機中。而且也把歐盟之外的國家引入危機,因此你們所看到的現狀就是沒有可以與之相匹敵的情況的結果發生。如果你們繼續把這些作為激動的時刻去看待,你們將不會被發生的事情拉入恐慌的境地。 這很明顯,無論發生什麼,不利的局勢將不會持續很長了,因為時間的加速 ,你們差不多就要進入魔法一般的2012年。看到一些事件就該結束了,它將帶來全然令人滿意的結果,帶來受到歡迎的轉變並永遠改變你們的生活。它一直是測試之旅,因為它你們才能夠通過擺脫那種試圖把你拉低的情況而進化自己。就如我們看到的那樣,在轉入新世紀之後你們一直完成的非常的好。就如預料的那樣,隨著時間的流逝更多的聖光錨定在了地球上。光的力量被很好的根植下來,許多人來到地球都是出於這個目標。並不僅僅是黑暗勢力早早的計畫了他們的陰謀,而是我們這些聖光力量在千年以來就已做了很多工作。我們的優勢已經到來,從偉大的光之存有們源頭作為支持與後盾,他們已經準備好派遣他們中的一些人禮服來到地球。也許比結果更重要的是,這次迴圈總是被計畫好確保了聖光的最終勝利。 銀河聯邦已經準備好在沒有事先通知的情況下行動,同時繼續的在緊密的監控地球上所有的活動。我們會毫不猶豫的展現我們的優勢,高端科技,並且讓黑暗勢力的傢伙們清楚的瞭解對抗我們是沒有效果的。然而他們頑固的拒絕屈服,並且知道任何對付他們的情況我們都需要服從法則。我們尊重所有的生命,甚至是那些對自己人類同胞手足相殘的人。生命對他們來說只是消耗品,他們利用它制服任何擋住他們道路的人。在另一方面,我們將清理我們的“敵人”,以安全的方式,而不是殺害或者傷害他們。你們也因此可以確信,在我們毀滅那些地下軍事基地之前,將安全的轉移所有人員。任何其他的說法都是脫離事實根據的,只是抹黑我們的惡意行為。 你們一些人想知道以我們已經說過的一些觀點來看,為什麼我們不能在其他的情況下拯救生命,例如大災難。這是預料之中的回應,而回答我們已經在過去給予你們了,這都關係到一個靈魂的生命計畫。這些靈魂以這樣的情況離開是處於意願的設定,選擇一種情況來完成他們的需要。要理解,並沒有什麼意外死亡的情況,並且你們所說的自然死亡也屬於計畫之中的事情。如果你仔細考慮下,如果你能夠意外的被阻止去完全經驗已選擇的體驗,那麼已計畫好的人生歷程來拓展你的靈性覺知不是顯得毫無西裝外套意義了麼?不管怎麼樣這都是因為你的【自由意志】,你可以縮短預期的壽命。但是,這需要在你深思熟慮的考慮這個後果之後才能成立。 你們中的一些人會選擇自殺來縮短自己的生命,即使這樣,這些靈魂也會在最後一刻被給予機會改變想法。他們會遇到自己的指導靈,那些知曉他們原初生命計畫的存有,並且展現出這個結果,以及這種行為會多麼的影響到他們的家人和朋友。我們能確信,因為它許多靈魂會感激自己得到了這次機會改變自己的想法。一般而言,在任何一次生命歷程中,你都不會承擔超過自己能夠掌控的體驗情況。在這結束的時刻裡,有許多的靈魂急於清理自身的業力,並且已經填裝了他們生命的所有體驗。 當然,當你提升到更高的層次,你會擁有一種簡單的過渡,從一次生命歷程過渡到另一個,而不需要通過死亡。你通過自己的選擇去做,在時刻到來的時候由你決定生命繼續前進的方向。你能夠逐步的脫離自己的舊身體,進入一具你願意進入的新身體中。隨著身體細胞的變化將保持你的年輕與健康,你不會像在今天地球上一樣得病或者失去功能的情況。無論你是如何被要求行動的,達成揚升很明顯都是非常值得的決定,因為在這種機會再次到來之前將再次等待很長時間。當然這由你來決定,這當然並不是不可能在任何一次生命歷程裡揚升,但是你也必須通過自己的不斷努力來達成它。這也是為何你們的揚升ARMANI現在看來被認為是獨一無二的,而它也給每個靈魂都提供了機會與無限的幫助,問題是誰願意抓住它。 如果你是一位剛剛覺醒並知道自己到底是誰的人,開始懂得生命的真諦,請相信你已經被許多充滿愛的靈魂所圍繞,而他們正急於的想幫助你。還有時間,只要你決定自己要揚升,你就成功了一半,你也會發現自己的意識覺知在提升。要處於地球,卻不被當前的情況所影響,這是非常有用的建議,因為它可以允許你把精神力集中在美好的未來上,並且允許舊的道路從你身邊繞過去。那些無法從塵世欲望的體驗中釋放自己的人,在鬥爭於是否要掙脫束縛的人,我們指出這根本原因通常都是因為恐懼。源自於對於迎接改變的恐懼心,不願意看到這個必然性---如果人類種族想要繼續發展,從舊迴圈步入新時代,這就是必須要做的。不管怎麼樣,緩慢的轉變也會發生,這是一些宏偉迴圈的必然,一些事物都在運動中,即便它顯得有多麼的不可預測。 我是來自天狼星的SaLuSa,並且感謝你們所有人向我們發送出你們的愛,並邀請我們加入到你們中間。沒有它我們無法到來,我們現在知道選擇與你們公開的接觸是正確的。我們愛你們所有人。 Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey. Website: Tree of the Golden Light 譯者 U2覺醒

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